For specific reasons, other types of accompanying may be authorized:

Assistance at destination
Some users do not require an accompanying person during the trip, but, in view of their disabilities, may need help at their destination on certain trips. However, it is only reasonable to authorize the presence of an accompanying person on an adapted vehicle. The accompanying person must get on and off at the same address and must pay for his trip.

Assistance for parental responsibility
In order to respect the principle of parental responsibility, any disabled parent and any disabled child under 14 years of age may travel with an accompanying person while using para transit. The parent or child (six years of age and over) travelling with the user must pay his way and his place in the adapted vehicle must be confirmed when the reservation is made. Parents are required to supply a car seat for all children under 5 years of age.

Assistance for familiarization
Some people with severe and persistent mental disorders require the assistance of an accompanying person during trips on a temporary basis, until they have acquired the skills needed to control their behaviour or their anxiety. This temporary assistance must be provided by an adult who serves as an educator. That person is assured of a place in the vehicle, free of charge, at the time the reservation is made.
(The presence of a guide-dog is permitted regardless of the type of accompaniment.)