In August 1986, following the request of a young disabled person, the Municipality of Shefford and the Town of Waterloo approached the Centre d'action bÄ‚©nÄ‚©vole de Waterloo to organize a paratransit service.

Further to this request, the Centre d'action bÄ‚©nÄ‚©vole de Waterloo formed a committee comprised of parents of disabled children and of other people interested by this paratransit project.

Within the framework of a federal employment program, two people were hired to develop the file review.

A demand of incorporation was presented on May 11th, 1987; on February 13th, 1989 a memorandum of understanding was signed between the MinistÄ‚¨re des Transports and the participating municipalities; and on May 29th, 1989 the service Transport adaptÄ‚© pour nous Inc. was in operation.