Before using the services of TAPN Inc., please consult the regulations presented below:

Accessibility and maintenance of premises

The user is responsible for the maintenance of his entrance when it is covered with snow or ice. He necessarily must make sure of the good access to his residence at any time if he wishes to use the paratransit service. Furthermore, the route leading to the place of residence must be safe, suitable for motor vehicles and well maintained.


The paratransit service tries to be as punctual as possible. Considering that the trips are of the “DOOR TO DOOR” type, the respect of the reservations schedule involves some flexibility.


We ask the carrier to be punctual within a ten (10) minute delay more or less. It is therefore important that the user be ready to get on board the vehicle as soon as it arrives. The person using the paratransit service has to be ready to give his transportation ticket. He must be near his main entrance (door) or pick-up point in order not to make the service run late.



On board


It is strictly forbidden to smoke or eat on board any of the vehicles.




Transport adapté pour nous Inc. expects a respectful and harmonious behaviour on board the vehicle, throughout the trip.


We believe that inadequate behaviour can have serious consequences to the safety on board the vehicle. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be automatically denied access to the vehicle.


If inadequate behaviour is observed, the general management of the Transport adapté pour nous Inc. can at any time withhold access to the paratransit service to a user or change the accompanying service given to him.


A particular attention is given to any inadequate behaviour with violent or sexual characteristics on board the vehicles.


A temporary suspension of access to the paratransit service will have for goal the re-evaluation of the eligibility of the user – by the eligibility committee – within 45 days following the date the service was suspended.




Luggage and purchases are allowed as long as their manipulation does not require the driver’s intervention and that there is adequate space inside the vehicle. They must not block the passage way on board the vehicle.




The use of seat belts is compulsory during any trip taken on board the vehicles. Users of three-wheel and four-wheel scooters must use the seats available inside the vehicle. If the user refuses, the driver will refuse him access. Users of wheelchair must fasten the seat belt of his chair at all times, in addition to the vehicle’s seat belt.


All wheelchairs must have a lap belt 2 to 5 inches wide (5 to 10 cm) made of polyurethane or nylon and equipped with a safety clip, either a buckle or clip. Velcro fasteners are not accepted. This belt can be attached directly to the chair or be removable, that is which surrounds the person and the chair at the same time.




Pets must travel in a closed cage supplied by the user and must remain on the user’s knees. This restriction does not apply to guide or assistance dogs.

Drivers do's & don'ts



The driver can make his presence known by ringing when reaching a pick-up address and by stating the user’s name and destination.


If required, the driver can give assistance by holding the user’s arm or push a wheelchair. The same thing applies to drop-off areas.


Please note that if the user has to go down steps before having access to the vehicle or at his place of residence, he must be able to do so on his own or with the help of a person other than the driver. The driver does not handle wheelchairs in stairs of more than 2 steps. It is up to the user to inquire whether his place of arrival is accessible to wheelchairs.


Never will a driver carry a user in his arms.


In every case, unless otherwise specified, the user is managed by the driver from the pick-up point to the dropoff point and the driver will make sure, unless otherwise specified, that someone will be there to take over once the user reaches his destination.

Unusual events

If you notice an unusual delay (over 15 minutes), you must first contact us at 450 539-4711 or toll free 1 877 439-4711 or call directly the carrier.

Mobility Assistance Equipment

The user is responsible for using mobility assistance equipment which is clean, in good condition and can be transported without danger in a minibus or specially adapted minivan. This equipment must not compromise the safety of the other users or the driver.


A passenger whose device cannot be anchored in a safe manner will be refused access.


The mobility assistance equipment must not exceed the dimension of the access ramp of a adapted minivan, whether 29 x 50 inches (72 x 127 cm)



– must be quipped whit four (4) anchor point that will allow to fix it safely to the floor of the vehicle;

– only the two front wheel of the wheelchair should rotate on itself;

Note that your weight combined to the one of your wheelchair must not exceed 750 pound (340 kg)





Three-wheel and four-wheel scooters are accepted in vehicle subject to the following conditions:


– must be enough places available;

– the anchor points must be in good operation order.

Note that your weight combined to the one of your wheelchair, three-wheel or four-wheel scooters must not exceed 750 pound (340 kg)


TAPN Inc. suggests to the users to travel with their three-wheel or four-wheel scooters outside peak hours or the use another mobility aid.





Subject to the availability of room on board the vehicle, a user can only travel with an empty wheelchair for repair purposes. However, this type of trip cannot be taken during rush hour.


No wheelchair transport will be accepted without the presence of the user. You must mention the presence of your empty wheelchair to the dispatcher when making your reservation.