Operation mode


REGULAR TRANSPORT : A regular transport is a reservation which repeats on the same days and times every week. A regular itinerary will be integrated into our transportation software and you will no longer need to make a reservation for this trip (example: appointment at the physiotherapist every Tuesday from 10 am till noon).
OCCASIONAL TRANSPORT : Your reservation will be integrated into our transportation software. A confirmation of the pick-up times will be given to you by telephone the day before your transport.


For an occasional transport, the reservation must be made at the latest before noon (12 pm) the day before the transport.


For a regular transport, the reservation must be made at the latest three (3) days before the transports begin.


For any transport reservations, you must give the following information:


•  Last and first name of user
•  Date of transport
•  Frequency, if applicable
•  Exact destination address (street number and name)
•  Starting and ending time of the activity


For all your transports, you must be ready ten (10) minutes ahead of time.


For any request to modify a reservation, we ask you to do it the day before your transport before noon (12 pm).


For changes to a weekend and Monday reservation, please notify us on Friday before noon (12 pm).


If you have a major incident, leave a voicemail message at the following number: 450-539-4711 or toll free: 1-877-439-4711 before 6:30 am the morning of your trip.


A driver may not modify a reservation without the agreement of the Paratransit staff for us. A LAST MINUTE AMENDMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


For cancellation of transport, we ask you to notify us as soon as possible so that another person can benefit from your place.


For a last minute cancellation you must notify us at least one (1) hour before the scheduled time of your transport. For early morning transportation we ask you to inform us before 6:30 am in the morning by mentioning your name and the time your boarding was scheduled. You can leave your message on the voicemail at the following number: 450-539-4711 or toll-free at 1-877-439-4711.


If we notice a high number of last-minute cancellations from you, we will be required to apply the same penalty as a blank trip. (See the meaning of a trip in white below.)


If the carrier shows up at your home and that you refuse to take your transport or that you are not present at the agreed time and place, you will be issued a blank trip.


When the carrier needlessly makes a route to go get you, Transport adapté pour nous Inc. has to pay the invoice in full just the same.


We understand that this situation is occasional and unforeseen.


However, we will only tolerate one (1) blank trip per year.  Therefore, if this situation is represented, you will be informed of the situation and you will have to pay the cost of the missed pass as well as an additional 15.00$ fee.


It may happen, following payment problems, that a user be temporarily refused access to the paratransit service. We are counting on the collaboration of our users to avoid this type of situation.


Returns on call are only accepted for medical reasons and if we cannot combine the transport with another client.


Examples :


• Appointment with your family doctor or specialist;
• Appointment at the hospital;
• Appointment with your dentist or optometrist;
• Meeting at a repair shop for equipment required because of your condition (wheelchair, prosthesis,etc.).


When your appointment is over, you must call the telephone number given to you when we confirmed your transport. However, you have to foresee that you may have to wait depending on the time of day and the availability of the vehicles at the time of your call.


When climate conditions are unfavourable for safe transport, the paratransit service may be suspended.


The decision concerning the suspension of the paratransit service belongs to the general management in collaboration with the carriers.


If roads are slippery, snow covered and treacherous, Transport adapté pour nous Inc. and its carriers refuse to put in danger the users as well as the drivers.


If a decision is made you can call at 450 539-4711 or toll free 1 877 439-4711 to confirm. As of 6:30 am, a recorded message will be giving out this information.